Early Childhood Beliefs and Values

My professional beliefs and values about early childhood education are at the forefront of everything I do inside my classroom. As a preschool teacher, I believe that children should learn how to be kind to others – inside and outside the classroom. I believe that children learn best by modeling and hands-on experiences, which are my specialty.

Every day at work, I recognize that I am a teacher AND a caretaker of the children in my room – furthering another early childhood education value of mine. I strongly believe and encourage the idea that all children, whether my student or not, deserve to be accepted, safe, and loved.

My classroom of 3-year-olds is one big (mostly) happy family. In order to promote acceptance in my classroom, I remind my students daily that their opinions and ideas matter, and that they have a voice that deserves to be heard.

Feeling safe in a classroom family means that any emotion is allowed and acknowledged. Children (and adults) have every right to feel however they feel, at any given moment. It is my job to teach them how to express and react to their emotions (and other’s) appropriately.

My co-teachers and I make our students aware that they are loved by making them feel safe and accepted while in our care. When the kids are at school, they are welcome; and when they are home, they are missed.

As a teacher, I also know that families put a lot of trust in me to teach and care for their children. I take this responsibility and these expectations very seriously, as I have four children of my own. I communicate with parents and guardians daily and do my best to make sure our lines of communication are always open.

As a professional in an early childhood education setting, I incorporate my beliefs and values into every moment of every day. Children thrive with words of affirmation, and an understanding that their lives have value. If you set strong foundations (like the ones above) in your classroom I believe your classroom will be nothing but successful.


Written by: Teresa Walsh (Red Room teacher in Stow) 04.22.2023


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