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Early Childhood Beliefs and Values

My professional beliefs and values about early childhood education are at the forefront of everything I do inside my classroom. As a preschool teacher, I believe that children should learn how to be kind to others – inside and outside the classroom. I believe that children learn best by modeling and hands-on experiences, which are my specialty. Every day at work, I recognize that

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How to work with your co-teacher to create a positive classroom community At the beginning, sharing a classroom might not seem easy. Getting to know a new person takes time, and from day one, you and your co-teacher are on display in front of 20 kiddos who are all watching and learning from every interaction you have. How will you set the stage? Ms.

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Notes from a Seasoned Teacher

If I was given money every time I’ve heard, “Miss Pam is old!  She’s 26!”  I would be one rich girl.  If only that statement was true.  There are many more years added to that age, but if 26 is how old you think I am, then I’ll take it. In reality, this is a big year for me.  As much as I am

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